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Amendments to Stock Rules


1. In addition to the Parma Death Star motor we will make legal the Proslot - PS-2002 motor.

 2. We will allow bracing of the Parma steel womp chassis in the following way: a peice of .062 piano wire can be soldered along the upright at each corner. This peice of piano wire can be no longer than 1 5/8".

 3. In addition to the Parma Womp cone shapped front wheels or the legend wide front wheels you my also use the BPR Womp Fronts for your front wheels.

 4. We will change the minmum cleareance at the back to chassis to .050 the former cleareance was .062. 

 5. We will allow the motor to be soldered to the motor bracket replacing stripped screws. Solder only to the chassis bracket. No soldering on the sides of the motor.



                We had just 9 guys here for the first Friday night Toothbrush 32 race for the month of November. The “B” main consisted of the father son duo; Nathan and Glenn Cherep, along with Mike and Ken. The “B” main got going and it was Mike Hardy who came away with the early lead as he began his night with 43 laps on white. Ken had control of 2nd place as he was just 1 lap ahead of Nathan. When the 2nd heat came to an end both Nathan and Ken were tied for 2nd place at 78 laps. The following heat Nathan had one of his best runs down on purple as he finished with 45 laps which was enough to gain control of 2nd. Ken was unable to bounce back in the 4th as he finished with 37 laps on green which allowed for Glenn to move up into 3rd place. Mike was up to a 19 lap lead on Nathan and a 30 lap lead on Glenn. During the 6th, Ken would have the most laps as he finished with 45 on purple moving him back up into 3rd. Ken would have his worst heat of the night in the 7th as he finished with 31 laps on black. He went on to do slightly better in the following heat as he closed out his night 34 laps which would cost him his 3rd place position as Glenn had 38 on white which was enough for 3rd place at 299 laps. Mike would bring home another win as he had a total of 352 laps with Nathan 32 laps back in 2nd place at 320. So the final for the “B” main would look like this; Mike, Nathan, Glenn, and Ken.  …..

                Moving on to the 4 man “A” main where everyone got off to good starts as everyone had 40 or more laps. Craig would once again turn the most laps in the 1st as he had a solid 48 laps on white leaving him just 1 lap ahead of Mel. Craig would go on to gain another lap on Mel in the 2nd and then another one in the 3rd and come the halfway point, Craig would have a 6 lap lead on Mel. During the 5th, Mel would gain a couple laps on Craig and come the end of the 6th, Craig would be down to a 4 lap lead on Mel. Inching closer and closer to Craig, Mel moved within 2 after having back to back 49’s in heat 6 and 7. The battled it out for the final heat but in the end it would Craig who came out on top as he finished with 49 laps on orange while Mel had 48 on white finishing at 383 to 380. So the final for the “A” main played out like this; Craig, Mel, Scott, and Tim W. Great night of racing guys, we’ll see you next week…C/H               



                Friday night Toothbrush 32 racing here at BPR and this week we had a smaller than usual turnout as we had just 8 guys on the sign-up when it came time to begin. The first 4 guys got going right on time and when the opening heat came to an end it was Jim and Mel ahead of the pack both tied for 1st place with 47 laps with Tim and Scott also tied at 45 laps. Jim would gain the outright lead in the 2nd as he would prevail over Mel as he had a solid 49 laps on orange giving him a 4 lap lead. Jim’s car was a real rocket as he would have back to back 49’s in the 2nd and 3rd heat when it came his time to sit out. He would sit out for the next 4 heats; upon return in the 8th, He and Craig Correia were tied for 1st at 193 laps. Craig soon had to sit out so Jim moved back up to a 7 lap lead at the end of the 9th. Scott would turn the most laps in the 10th as he had 46 on yellow leaving him 5 behind Mel who was in 2nd place for the time being. In the following heat, both Mel and Jim would run matching 46’s and Jim was now 8 ahead of Mel. Jim would sit out again after the 11th, that’s when Mel and Steve would have matching 47’s as they were neck and neck. Craig would take the following heat as he would have a solid run on blue finishing with 48 laps. Steve would finish his night in the 15th heat closing out his night with 47 laps on yellow bringing his grand-total to 372 with a fast lap of a 3.569 which was good enough for 3rd place. Both Craig and Jim would finish the night right next to each-other on blue and yellow and wouldn’t you believe it they both finished with 49 laps. Jim would finish with a total of 378 laps with a fast lap of 3.508 giving him a 2nd place finish. Craig was able to take advantage early on as he had; 50 laps, 48 laps, and 49’s which gave him the upper hand allowing for him to bring home yet another win finishing with 384 laps and a fast lap of a 3.414. Good job racing and we hope to see you this weekend….C/H

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