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Amendments to Stock Rules


1. In addition to the Parma Death Star motor we will make legal the Proslot - PS-2002 motor.

 2. We will allow bracing of the Parma steel womp chassis in the following way: a peice of .062 piano wire can be soldered along the upright at each corner. This peice of piano wire can be no longer than 1 5/8".

 3. In addition to the Parma Womp cone shapped front wheels or the legend wide front wheels you my also use the BPR Womp Fronts for your front wheels.

 4. We will change the minmum cleareance at the back to chassis to .050 the former cleareance was .062. 

 5. We will allow the motor to be soldered to the motor bracket replacing stripped screws. Solder only to the chassis bracket. No soldering on the sides of the motor.



                Friday night the 13th of July, going to be an unlucky for someone but there will be a winner. Amazed at his luck; The B’s consisted of Marshall Mike Hardy who was back from his trip to the badlands. Glenn Cherep who was hoping to beat his son Nathan and then Phil Glumm who was trying out a second new car in a few weeks. The first heat turned out about like I suspected; Mike turned 38 laps which is a good number for a “B” racer who only has a handful of races. Nathan was 4 laps back with his father 4 back of him and Phil was 3 behind Glenn. The 2nd heat proved you can’t always count on these races to go the way you expect. Mike and Nathan tied at 33 laps, Phil was only 1 back and Glenn was only 1 behind Phil. IT was a lot tighter than expected; Heat 3 Mike had a healthy 39 laps with all others turning 31. Heat 4 saw them return to the order we were looking for. So halfway through the order was; Mike 148, Nathan 133, Glenn 121, and Phil 116. Heats 5 and 6 saw things go according to plan and heat 7 was when Mike broke the 40 barrier with a great 41 on yellow. With 262 after heat 7, Mike had a chance to set a new personal best. About a month ago he had done 301 laps and it would take a 40 or more to set a new best. He was on a good lane; orange, for him to get his 40 laps. He was going well until about 45 seconds to go, that’s when he fell off. Then he fell off again and again and it looked like he wasn’t going to make it. Fast forwarding to the end of the race; he did make it, he finished with 302 laps. The spread behind Mike wasn’t that close but one of them bought a car so maybe that will make the difference. Now on to the A’s.

                We had 4 A’s tonight consisting of; Steve, Scott, Jim, and Tim. After a pretty good run last week, heat 1 saw Jim and Peugeot Coupe. Steve was using his rebodied Roadster that he received some extra work this week. Scott made a last minute change to his coupe body and Tim was using one of the roadster bodies painted stealth black. Heat 1 Tim was going to be a contender this night, he was fast. Jim was running good and not falling too often. Steve was just a tic slower. Steve and Scott fell off a number of times early in the heat while Tim and Jim laid down laps. The first heat finished with Tim with 46, Jim had the same with Steve and Scott 2 back. Heat 2 and Jim pulled out a lap lead by turning 48 on blue to Tim and Steve’s 47. Scott dropped a few with only 43 on red. Heat 3 Jim and Tim fought hard at the front with 48. A lap back was Steve and Scott had 45. Heat 4 and Tim was showing his speed with 49 laps on green to take lead by 1 over Jim. Steve was only 2 back of Tim and Scott fell further back. So after the first half; Tim had 190, Jim 189, Steve 185, and Scott 173. After heat 5 Tim had a half lap lead on Jim. Those guys had 8 on Steve and Scott was 23 back. Having driven Scott’s car and fining it extremely quick, I’m not sure why he was having trouble keeping up. Heat 6 was the defining moment in the race, Jim was on orange, Tim was entering the purple/black corridor. In the next 2 heats, Jim gained a lap on Tim to put the race away. Jim gained 4 on Steve while Scott retired. While Tim was having his troubles on purple and black, Steve was busy making up laps. He made up 5 laps to be exact and was just 3 back going into the last heat. Could he possibly make it up? Not quite, Tim was able to hold him off to take 2nd place behind Jim. So it was Jim by 10 over Tim who was 3 in front of Steve. Jim had an average run but Tim tied his most laps ever and Steve was 1 better than his all-time best. Good run guys, let’s do it again next week with Paul along with us. There are also a few B’s that were not here with us this week. Hope to see them all next week.                                                     



                A swelting summer night at BPR where the heat was kept in check by our hard working a/c units that due to kyle and Jim begging Debby to turn them on early had been cooling since early afternoon. We had 4 racers in the B’s; new racer Glen Cherep and his son Nathan, Mel’s friend Phil and an experienced B racer Adrian Skleminoff. This looked like it was going to be a cake walk for Adrian and it was. The race for 2nd was a real battle with only a handful of laps between the guys. The first heat saw Adrian turn 35 to take the lead with Nathan a lap ahead of his dad and Phil only a couple back of that. Phil had decided last week that Jim should build him a car and Jim built him a good one capable of 3.48 times. Heat 2 Adrian keeps pulling away, Glen snuck by his son and Phil was just 3 laps off the podium, heat 3 Glen held on to 2nd place a lap up on his son. Phil picked up a lap and was only 2 back. Heat 4 and the race for 2nd only got closer Nathan and Phil both turned 29 while Glen could only manage 24 on black so Phil is out of the celler. Heat 5 was Adrian’s turn on black and he didn’t do well but still managed to win the heat. Nathan had  138 with Phil and Glen 2 back, heat 6 saw Glen go 2 up on Nathan who was 2 up on Phil. Heat 7 and 8 saw Nathan pick up his pace a little and turn back to back 32’s to secure 2nd over Glen and Phil. So the “B” main went to Adrian, followed by; Nathan, Glen, and Phil.

                We have 5 A’s tonight; Jim, Steve, Scott, Tim, and Paul. We got some bad news that one of our regular Friday night guys got some bad medical news. That is why we are not seeing Craig. Jim was still suffering from the congestive heart failure that kept him out of last week’s race. It’s pretty bad when you can’t even walk around the track without just completely being out of breath, so much for the medical report. Even though Jim was fighting dizziness, he used his peripheral vision and turned back to back 48’s on white and red pulling out a 2 lap lead over Paul who did 47’s in the first 2 heats. Tim did a subpar 44 on orange but then equaled Jim with a 48 in the 2nd heat. Steve did back to back 45’s to be 2 back of Tim, and Scott was 5 behind Steve. Heat 3 Jim and Tim pulled out a lap on Paul giving Jim a 3 lap lead and bringing Tim to within 1 of Paul. Steve had a poor black lane turning only 44 laps and was now 5 behind Tim. Jim had a big 49 in heat 4 giving him a 7 lap lead. Paul still had one over Tim and Steve dropped another lap on yellow. Heat 5; the start of the 2nd half, saw Steve make a big move with 49 laps and was now just 4 laps off the podium. Tim had 48 which moved him a lap ahead of Paul into 2nd place. Jim had 47 laps which kept his lead at 7 laps. Paul had 46 laps and Scott dropped out feeling he just wasn’t competitive. Steve kept his good run going in heat 6 as he and Paul both did 48’s which gave them back a lap on Jim. In the end, Paul would barely come away with 2nd place as he beat out Steve by just 1 lap; 368 to 367. So here’s how the rest of the field finished in the “A” main tonight; Jim, Paul, Steve, Tim and Scott. It was good fun for all and we will do it again next week.



                We had just 8 racers here for our Friday night Toothbrush 32 racing. Based on the number of racers, it was decided to have just 1 main tonight, consisting of just 4 on and 4 off. Once it was decided who was going first, the guys were off and running. According to the printouts, we had a mishap with the printer so I can’t see what happened in the opening heat. We’ll pick things up in the 2nd heat and that one would belong to Mel as he had a solid 44 laps on white. He was already up to a 10 lap lead at the end of the 2nd with Adrian in 2nd place followed by Mike H. Mel would sit out for the next few heats so Adrian would take over the reins until the end of the 4th, that’s when it was time for him to corner marshal and he was already up to 157 laps. Tim Ballmer got started in the 3rd and he got off to a pretty good start turning nothing less than 40 laps. The 6th would come to an end and it was time for Tim to take a break and he already had a solid 173 laps. Mark H was also turning some good numbers as he only had 1 heat under 40 laps; with that being said, when it came time for him to corner marshal he was 4 back of Tim at 169. When it came to fast laps it was 2 guys who stood the most; Mel Moon and Tim Ballmer. Just about every heat those 2 were in the 3.6’s, like it was no big deal. Tim would come out on top when it came to the fastest lap, he had a 3.460 in the 11th heat over on blue. Adrian finished his night in the 12th heat as he finished with 43 laps on yellow bringing his total to 319 laps. Tim didn’t have any heats under 40 laps which is a big accomplishment. His night ended in the 14th heat and he had 44 laps on yellow bringing his total to 346 laps which is awesome. Mel had 2 heats to go and he needed 80 laps to tie Tim, he finished with a 46 in the 15th then another 46 in the 16th bringing his grand-total to 358 laps which was 12 laps ahead of Tim so the final for the evenings events looked like this; Mel, Tim, Mark H, Scott, Adrian, Mike H, Phil, and Glenn. 



                A pretty good turnout for 1/32 racing here on Friday night. We had 10 racers but we really thought we were going to have more. A couple backed out at the last minute and a couple others were expected but didn’t show up. So the way it played out was 6 in the B’s and 4 in the A’s. The B’s were first and the field consisted of the 2 cowboys over the berry farm, Jim’s grandson, Mel’s’ friend Phil, and Paul and Scott. The first heat saw Paul pull out 1 lap on Scott who was having problems with a bunch of changes to his car that were made right before the start of the race were not working out. Matthew was 4 laps behind Paul with Mike a lap further back and Ken and Phil totaling 30 laps. Heat 2 saw just about the same result; Paul beating Scott by 2 or 3 laps with Matt another 3 or 4 behind. Mike was losing a lap to matt just about every heat. Except for having really bad heats on purple and yellow, Phil stayed close to Ken. In the end, Paul had a little too much speed for Scott who was driving just as hard as he could. Matt was smooth and constant but not fast enough to rise above third. The podium 3 were followed; Mike, Ken, and Phil. Now on to the “A” main.

                The “A” field consisted of; Jim, Mel, Tim B, and a new racers here for the weekend from Utah Kiely Ball. Kiely borrowed one of Jim’s missiles to race tonight and drove it pretty well, in the first heat Jim pulled away to almost a lap lead then lost concentration at the switchback and was almost a full lap behind Mel. He drove back up to even with Mel and then got nerfed by Tim and lost half a lap. With 45 seconds to go Jim passed Tim without a problem, caught back up to Mel and then drove real hard because Mel was going pretty fast and managed to put almost a lap on him. All that happened in the first heat of eight. The Friday night people are friendly, the cars are less than a 100 dollars and all you need is 2 ½ hours to spend. Kiely was 6 laps behind Jim but one ahead of Tim. In heat 2 Jim and Mel held even at 48 laps and Kiely and Tim were even at 45. Heat 3 and Jim was on green and got going to the tune of 49 laps and a 3.50 lap time while Mel was stuck down on the gutter on red and could only do 46 laps. Mel had an excellent best lap of 3.570 there which in their turns would be matched exactly by Jim and then by Kiely .Jim did do 50 for the first time today and a 3.460 best lap time. Mel did a 48 with his best time of the night3.569 to come in 2nd just 10 laps behind Jim. Kiely had 46 laps on red, a really good go for his first time. He tied Mel for 2nd best on red. Tim’s last heat was a 41 with his best lap time of 3.569. He finished 20 laps behind Kiely. I wish Kiely didn’t have to go home. We had a good time racing with him. The car Kiely used was the one Jim used to win on 6/8/18. The car Jim used was his white coupe that Tim Neja used to finish 4th on 6/15/18. A good time we all had and talk to you next Friday.


It's Friday night and we are lining up the 1/32 flexi chassis screamers. Most of our regular B drivers are somewhere else tonight. Half the B field consists of Jim's grandsons. The other 2 are Mel's friend Phil and B P R's own Kyle Jacobson. Wait there is a late addition to the B field. Scott Wilson is going to run as a B. Line them up gentlemen. This race was a walk in the park for Scott. The only challenge was keeping his car in one piece through the many attacks made on him by Kyle and Phil and Lil Red. After the first heat Scott was gone Kyle was in second, Matt in third, Red in forth and Phil having his usual problems keeping track of his car bringing up the rear. After heat two Matthew passed Kyle to move into second with Kyle a few laps behind but pulling away from Red and Phil. After heat six Kyle got within two laps of Matt but that was as close as he got. They finished with Scott 21 laps ahead of Matt who was 8 ahead of Kyle with Red and Phil a long way back. Now for the A's.

We had a new racer join us this week. He is not new to BPR just our Friday night group. We welcomed Tim Neja to Friday nights. He didn't have a car yet so he borrowed Jim's race winner from 3 weeks ago. Heat 1: Jim started on red and was determined to hang on to the leaders while he did three minutes on the slowest lane. Turned out he was the leader for most of the heat but a last minute put him about three feet behind Craig at the end of the heat. Next was Steve in third running real well on yellow two laps behind the leaders but one ahead of Tim Neja and Mel Moon. Tim Ballmer had a few too many wrecks for his car to stand and lost a bunch of laps. Heat 2: Jim showed his happiness to be off red and turned 49 laps on green to squeak out a lap on Craig who turned 48. Next at 47 was Mr. Neja moving into third place tied with 90 total laps with Steve. Mel was a lap behind Tim N. and Steve and Tim B. didn't participate in this heat so he was way at the back. It was during this heat on green that Jim found out just how tough this race was going to be. The car was handling good the speed was adequate but there was hardly any brakes. Heat 3: Jim turned 49 to Craig's 47 giving him a 3 lap lead. Mel had finally got his program going also turning 49 laps and moving into third place. Tim N. turned 46 with Steve one back at 45. Tim B. rejoined the race in this heat with 40 laps. Heat 4: everybody seemed a little off with Craig winning the heat with 46, Mel was next with 45 then Jim and Tim B. with 44 then Steve with 43. Tim N. was enjoying the fun of running the black lane on BPR's Kingleman turning only 41 laps. So starting heat 5 Jim had 1 lap over Craig and 5 over Mel. Steve was in forth a lap ahead of Tim N. with Tim B. way back but now running well. Heat 5: Tim N. turned 48 in his first heat off of black. So did Jim and Craig, Mel and Steve had 47 and Tim B. 46? Jim still had his 1 lap lead over Craig and 6 over Mel. Tim N. and Steve were another 5 back. Heat 6 saw Jim only turn 47 but he grabbed another lap from Craig and Mel. Tim N. picked up a lap on Steve. Heat 7: With Jim on his favorite lane, orange, he turned 48 even though his car was slowing down. Both Craig and Mel had troubles going 44 and 45 laps. Tim N. and Steve were even with 45 laps. So going into the last heat Jim had 6 on Craig and 10 on Mel. Tim N. was 4 behind Mel and only 1 ahead of Steve who was driving the wheels off his car. Tim B. a ways back. Jim finished 6 laps ahead of Craig and 10 ahead of Mel but 9 behind what he did last week. Steve try as he might could not make up anything on Tim N. So the finish was Jim, Craig, Mel, Tim N., Steve and Tim B. Can Jim find a new motor, Can Craig come to terms with black, how good will Tim’s car be after he builds his own. Will Mel find a way not to lose the race in the first two heats? Tune in next week where we will answer all these questions.

                                                                   1/32 Cars



It was Friday night and we had eleven racers for 1/32 racing.  That’s right it’s no Typo, we had eleven.  It was really nice to have that many but the skill level made it difficult to break up. 8 A’s and 3 B’s, actually it should’ve been 3 A’s, 4 B’s and 4 C’s but that would have taken too long. B’s are up and it was nice to see Mark up from the south. Been awhile since he has raced with us and were glad to see he is recovering well from his surgery. So we had Mark, then Adrian who got his finances back in order, then Marshal Mike who was fresh in from the berry farm, along with Kyle and Scott who was in the B’s tonight as he wasn’t feeling well. Scott might not have been so great but his car was. Jim had given it a tune up after last week’s slam and bang. Kyle was using one of Jim’s backups, a particularly smooth one that I thought might keep him in the slot. In the first 4 heats Scott clicked off mid 40’s to leave the rest of the racers battling for 2nd place. Kyle started out with a good 41 to slide into 2nd place 2 laps ahead of Adrian and 3 laps on Mark and Mike. In heat 2 Mark had a good run of 43 to move him ahead of Kyle by a lap and a lap ahead of Adrian also Mike had a tough time doing 37. Heat 3 had Adrian making his move into 2nd 10 laps behind Scott but 1 ahead of Mark and 2 on Kyle. Mike continued his slide with only 36. Heat 4 Adrian and Kyle both had 43 and took advantage of Mark who was having a tough time on black. So halfway thru Scott 12 on Adrian who had 2 on Kyle who had 4 on Mark and Mike falling way back. Heat 5 Adrian pulled out anther lap on Kyle and mark had a rough yellow with 38 laps. Heat 6 and Mark started his comeback with 43 on orange, with Adrian with 40 and Kyle with 41. The race for 2nd was closing up. Heat 7 saw Adrian take control with 45 but Mark continued his move on Kyle doing 40 laps to Kyles 38. Heat 8 Kyle came up with a 43 which wouldn’t be enough to catch Adrian but it was enough to hold off Mark. So the results for the “B” main were; Scott with 355, Adrian with 332, Kyle at 326, Mark with 317, and Mike with 291.

Now on to the A’s which consisted of; Paul, Tim, Steve, Mel, Jim, and Craig. Halfway through the first heat Paul had a lap lead as he was the only one who hadn’t spent time off the track. By the end of the heat Jim had managed to get by. If you look at the best times in the 1st heat Jim a bit quicker and Paul was a little slower and all the other guys were exactly the same. So Jim had half a lap on Paul and Craig who had 1 on Steve who had 1 on Tim and 3 on Mel. Heat 2 and Jim did 49 to pull out a couple more laps on Craig. Paul lost a lap to drop back into a tie with Steve 4 laps back of the leader, Tim was 6 back and Mel who had accidentally started the race with the wrong car was 7 back. Heat 3 Saw an angry Mel charge past; Paul, Steve, and Tim. Jim dropped a lap to Craig so he was only 2 up on Craig, 5 up on Mel, 6 up on Tim and Steve and 7 up on Paul. Looks like everybody took advantage of Jim struggling with no brakes on black. Mel made up 1 lap with a fine 48 on blue with Tim making up 1 with an amazing 48 on red. So halfway it was Jim with 190, Craig 188, Mel 186, Tim 185, Steve 184, and Paul 182 which is pretty close all the way down. Heat 5 saw Jim do 49 on yellow just beating out Tim and Paul who had 48, Mel had 47 and Craig suffered from not quite conquering black turning only 46. I don’t know what happened to Steve on blue. He had a fine 3.617 for his best lap but only went 46 laps. Heat 6 saw Jim do another 49 increasing his lead over Craig to 6, Mel dropped a lap to fall behind Craig by 2. Tim dropped to 3 behind Mel, Paul 6 behind Mel and Steve 7 behind Mel. Heat 7 saw a big charge by Craig putting up 50 laps on orange but it was matched by Jim with 50 on white. Mel did 48 but the other 3 had troubles with Steve and Tim doing 43 and Paul had 42. Last heat Craig needs to make up 6 if he wants to win. Steve only needs to beat Paul if he doesn’t want to finish last. Just about anything could happen this is a fast group. Every racer had a heat of at least 48 so going quick for a bunch of laps is quite possible for any of these guys. The only one who suffered in heat 8 was Tim turning only 43 on black. Jim did a pretty amazing 49 laps on red, Craig and Mel held steady with 48 each, Steve made a big charge into 4th place with 48 laps in the last heat. So it finished with; Jim 387, Craig 380, Mel 376, Steve 364, Tim 363 and Paul 362. Hope everyone can make it back out next week.  



                We had 8 drivers for Friday nights 1/32 race, we were expecting a couple more but thet didn’t show and 1 of our regulars, Mel Moon, had family obligations. So the B’s consisted of; Mike, Kyle and Steve and we welcomed Paul back from missing a few weeks. We put him in the B’s so he could get the rust off and give Steve some competition which is just the way it worked out. Steve started in the lead but Paul soon took a lap lead after heat 2. Then they were even for a couple heats until Steve got to black. He showed he still hasn’t mastered that tough lane and dropped 4 laps giving Paul a 2 lap lead. Paul tacked on another lap so he was leading by3 going into the last heat. He looked good good for getting a hard fought win but he didn’t know Steve was planning on running a 48 in the last heat, very impressive Mr. Steve. Other than Jim, there was only 2 other 48 lap heats all night and those were by Craig, the 2nd place finisher in the “A” main. So Steve with a big push at the end managed to win by a straight. The race for 3rd saw Kyle beating Mike in 5 of the 8 heats but around heat 7 we discovered that Mike’s guide was bent and hanging up. We don’t know when it got bent but so much of his troubles were caused by that. In the end Kyle was 19 laps up on Mike for 3rd place. Now on to the “A” main.

                Craig had built a new 3 piece chassis for this week and Jim was using his ultimate Peugeot coupe, not the record setting Redfox Roadster he used last week. Jim felt the coupe wasn’t as fast as the roadster but was easier to drive hard. In heat 7 he went a tenth faster with the coupe proving he doesn’t know what he was talking about. The first heat saw Jim on red, Scott and white, Craig on green and Tim on orange. Craig was a little faster but fell off enough to let Jim lead by a lap over Craig and by 2 over Tim with Scott 4 back. Jim won the 2nd heat by turning 49 laps to Craig’s 48. Both Tim and Scott had 43’s. Heat 3 the first two were even and the last 2 were even 5 laps back of the first pair, heat 4 saw everyone do 45’s except Craig who only pulled 43. Heat 5 and 6 saw Jim pull out a lap in each of them so the lead was 6 after heat 6 but in the last 2 heats Jim packed the nitrous bottle full and pulled out 9 laps. He finished up 15 on Craig. Back to the race for 3rd between Scott and Tim, Thursday this week Tim stepped in to ask Jim a few questions regarding his car setup. He said the advice had worked which was good. At the beginning of May we ran 3 races where we chose teams, in those races Scott had Tim for lunch in quite a few heats, so it was a little bit of a surprise that head to head Tim would come out on top. After the race Jim looked Scott’s new roadster over and discovered the motor had been knocked loose and the gear was fairly chewed up. After repairs, Jim did a 3.53 with Scott’s car so it is fast. So the race finished with Jim at 380, Craig was 365, Tim 344 and Scott at 338. Congrats to Tim who was able to pick up his game enough to get 3rd place. Thanks guys, BPR enjoys your participation.



                Its Friday night we have 9 racers, 4 Bs and 5 As. The “B”s are up first and the B’s consisted of Steve who was making an appearance because his wife was resting after undergoing a medical procedure. We wish her well big guy. Adrian with fresh money to spend from his new job, congrats on the job Adrian. Kyle coming down from the directors stand and Mel’s friend Phil. The first heat saw steady Steve run a nice heat taking the lead with 44 laps over a surprising Kyle who managed to stay on more than usual and ended up with 42. Adrian was showing a little rust in the 1st heat. He wasn’t very fast and he fell off quite a bit. Phil is still trying to figure out when to accelerate and when to brake. Heat 2 saw Adrian find some of his speed and consistency as he slipped by Kyle and Steve put a couple more laps on his rivals. Heat 3 saw the first of Kyles disasters. Although he turned a very quick 3.57, he only managed 37 laps and that was the end of his chance to take second place ahead of Adrian. Steve continued to pull away ending up 20 laps in front of Adrian who was 30 plus ahead of Kyle who had more than fifty on Phil. Are all the “A” racers out on a smoke break? Get them in here and line up.

                The A’s consisted of Tim, Mel, Jim, Craig, and Scott. The first heat saw Jim 2 laps ahead of Craig because he didn’t fall off. Jim was using his best car but it wasn’t showing its usual speed. Mel had a bad heat coming off a few too many times. Then there was Tim and Scott starting a battle for 4th and 5th that would last the whole race. Heat 2 Jim pulled out another lap on Craig, not by being quicker but by staying on and Craig pulled away by 5 over Mel. Tim and Scott were even with 43 laps this heat. Heat 3; Jim, Craig, and Mel all held even although Jim found his speed as he turned a 3.57 on black. Scott pulled out 2 laps on Tim leaving him with a 1 lap lead going into heat 4. Heat 4 saw Craig’s first hiccup as he only turned 46 to Mels 48 and Jim’s 50. Scott and Tim were once again even for the heat. Halfway thru Jim had 7 on Craig who had 3 on Mel. Scott had 1 on Tim. After the first heat of the 2nd half Jim jumped out to an eleven lap lead. Craig still had 2 on Mel and Tim really nailed Scott going 3 up. Heat 6, Jim got rolling, he had 15 laps on Craig who had bumped it up to 3 over Mel, Scott had taken advantage of Tim’s guide being bent and made up all the laps he was behind. Heat 7 Jim was on red, he didn’t know it but he turned 49 laps. Mel turned 48 and took 1 back from Craig starting the last heat 2 behind him for 2nd with Scott and Tim even. Starting the final heat Jim was only 44 laps from the record for total laps , which is 384. Since he had 5 heats with 49 or 50, there was a good chance it was going to fall. First off Tim and Scott ran the heat next to each other with Scott losing by a quarter of a lap. Mel made a good run picking up another lap but falling 1 short. Jim turned 50 laps to set the record of 390 laps. The order was; Jim, Craig, Mel, Tim and Scott.



                We had just 6 guys make it out Friday for our toothbrush motor race on the back track. I think since they had so much fun last time, they would run in 3 man teams. The 2 teams consisted of; Mel, Steve, and Tim B then; Jim, Rj, and Scott on the other team. The race got underway and Jim was able to beat out Mel in the opening heat 47 to 45. Jim’s team would remain in the lead til the end of the 3rd, it was during the 4th that Mel’s team would move ahead and into 1st place with a 8 lap lead. The closes Jim’s squad would get is at the end of the 5th heat they found themselves within 4 laps of the leaders. Mel’s group would get 2 of those laps back in the following heat and moved back ahead to a 6 lap lead. Jim’s team would have a difficult run on yellow for the 7th heat as they had 38 laps giving Mel’s team almost a 20 lap lead. They would get some of those laps back but in the end Mel’s team would come away with the win 722 to 706. It looked like a fun night of racing and thank you to everyone who came out.

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