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Amendments to Stock Rules


1. In addition to the Parma Death Star motor we will make legal the Proslot - PS-2002 motor.

 2. We will allow bracing of the Parma steel womp chassis in the following way: a peice of .062 piano wire can be soldered along the upright at each corner. This peice of piano wire can be no longer than 1 5/8".

 3. In addition to the Parma Womp cone shapped front wheels or the legend wide front wheels you my also use the BPR Womp Fronts for your front wheels.

 4. We will change the minmum cleareance at the back to chassis to .050 the former cleareance was .062. 

 5. We will allow the motor to be soldered to the motor bracket replacing stripped screws. Solder only to the chassis bracket. No soldering on the sides of the motor.

3/22/2019 Tooth Brush Motor 1/32 report    

                                                                                                                                    A little bit void of racers on this Friday night, but we will have a good time anyway because that is what we do. Let’s start with the "B"s shall we. There was 3 of the usual suspects and Kyle got a chance to come down of the race director platform and lay down a few laps. Right away Nathan grabbed this race by the throat and never let go. He was up by double digits half way through the second heat so I’m going to concentrate on the rest of the racers who had a really close race for second. Kyle was turning some quick laps when he wasn't on the floor. Glen was a little steadier so he was in 2nd after heat 1 with Phil 4th but only 2 behind Kyle. Glenn dropped to 3rd in the 2nd heat and Phil was having a pretty good night and was only 2 laps further back. Glenn jumped 2 ahead of Kyle in the 3rd heat as Kyle had a really bad purple and Phil was now 1 back. The end of heat 4 marked the halfway point with Glenn 2 ahead of Kyle and Phil just 2 behind. At the midway point it was Nathan: 175 Glenn: 147 Kyle: 145 Phil: 143. Glenn increased his margin over Kyle to 4 and then dumped it all in heat 6 falling a lap behind. Phil was having his best race ever just a lap behind Glenn. Kyle held on to his lead over Glenn by 2 and by 3 over Phil. The last heat. Kyle put down a big 40 on red to claim 2nd place from Glenn by 3. Phil finally faded a little finishing 6 behind Glenn. So the final looked like this. Nathan: 346 Kyle: 297 Glenn: 294 Phil: 288. A big congrats to Phil even though he missed the podium he obliterated his personal best going from 266 to 288. Good race. 

                                                                                                                                    Now to the "A"s. Nice to have Craig back. Would have been better to have him back for the whole night. The night didn't start well. Through the first half of heat 1 there was more track calls than laps. We finally settled down and got through the first heat with Jim having a slight lead over Mel who had a couple of laps on Scott who had 1 on Tim. Craig was 5 behind Jim and was having some controller issues. Heat 2 Jim began to pull away, Mel dropped to 4th a lap behind Scott and Tim with Craig dropping out after suffering a car destroying crash. Heat 3 and Jim was still pulling away with Mel now joining the tie for 2nd with Scott and Tim 4 laps behind those 2. Heat 4 was good for Mel, not as good for Scott and a total disaster for Jim. Black was not kind to our racetrack owner and he dropped 8 of his 9 lap lead. Mel was coming in a hurry. Scott was 3 back of Mel and 4 ahead of Tim. The first heat of the 2nd half saw Mel have a fine heat on blue with a 48 but Jim pulled out a slightly better one with a 49. Scott lost a lap to Tim but still held onto 3rd. Heat 6 was a good one for Jim, a 51. This gave him a 6 lap lead on Mel who had 8 on Tim who once again had taken over 3rd with Scott 1 more back. The next to the last heat and Mel lost ground to Jim and Scott. Jim was now 8 ahead and Scott was only 8 behind. Tim called it a night with a bad handling race car. Jim finished with a good red turning his first 3.3 lap of the night. Scott made up more ground but was still 7 back of Mel. So the finish was Jim: 377 Mel: 365 Scott: 358 Tim: 305 Craig: 72. We hope to have some of the regulars back next week. Paul, Mike, Ken, Luis, Tony, Glenn M. and anyone I forgot to mention we miss you guys. 

3/15/2019 Tooth Brush Motor 1/32

      This Friday night we have 6 racers in the "B" class and 4 in the "A". We had a first time racer tonight as we welcomed Gary Williams to the miniature Kingleman. Luis got off to a good start leading the first heat over Nathan buy a lap and 3 laps over Bob. Glenn was the leader of the second 3, followed by Phil 11 laps behind him with Gary 2 laps further back. Bob took over second place for the next couple of heats with Nathan slipping to third. The order of the second 3 remained Glenn, Phil, and Gary as it would for the rest of the race. The fourth heat was a good one for Nathan as he retook second place and pulled to 5 laps behind Luis. Bob had a tough time on black dropping back to third, 2 laps behind Nathan. Heat 5 was a good one for Luis. He put 6 laps on Nathan and Bob and now led by 11 laps over Nathan and 13 over Bob. The next heat Luis had a little hiccup on blue but still led by 7. Bob was still close behind, only 5 back. The last 2 heats saw Nathan make a run at Luis but he came up short by 6 laps. Bob finished 7 laps behind Nathan. So we had Luis: 347 Nathan: 341 Bob: 334 Glenn: 304 Phil: 265 Gary: 240. A shout out to Glenn for setting a new personal best lap of 3.844 on blue lane tonight, good job Glenn.


      Now for the "A" race. An interesting night as Jim decided to run his number 2 car Mel was running the same car he ran last week, Scott ran his number 1 car and Tim ran every car in his box. Jim didn't get off to a very good start but at least he was leading. He had a problem with the trigger sticking which was diagnosed to a bad finger. Tim was second, a lap back and Mel got off to his usual slow start 2 behind Tim. Scott was a lap behind Mel even though he led a portion of the first heat. The second heat was close as Jim and Mel were on red and white and Mel ran Jim down from a quarter of a lap back so Jim let him go by and Mel went ahead about the length of the straightaway. Then Jim got up on the wheel and ran him down and passed with about 20 seconds to go. Both gentlemen enjoyed that tight racing. They finished the heat with 48 laps 2 ahead of Tim and Scott. Heat 3 and Jim had his second straight 48. Scott was just behind at 47, moving into third place just ahead of Tim. Mel had 46 and Tim 44. After heat 4, Jim now had the biggest lead he would enjoy until the last heat, only 6 laps. Mel was running well now, getting to 8 laps ahead of Scott who had 4 on a motor smoking Tim. Hey Tim, can you pass that around? Not much changed in heat 5 but heat 6 saw Scott and Mel close in on Jim as he struggled on black. That defective trigger finger had returned. The lead was down to 4. Jim and Mel held even in 7 but Scott was coming with a real fine 49. Heat 8 and Jim is on his favorite lane, the one he does all his testing on. Jim's number 2 car isn't much different than his number 1 as he turned a lap only one hundredth off the record he set last week. Jim won with 380, Mel held off Scott with 373 to 367 and Tim smoked his way to 338. Not one of our most exciting races but we all had a good time. A fine race by Scott who upped his lap total by 1. The cowboys stopped by but just to say hello, they didn't bring their cars. Anyway it was nice to know they are still alive. They are missed and we hope to see them back real soon. Until next week, same bat time, same bat channel.

3/8/2019      ToothBrush Motor 1/32's                                

     It's Friday night and after last weeks vacation we have 9 racers tonight. We have 4A's and 5B's. The B race was the story of Nathan against Luis and what a close race it was. Nathan jumped out to a 4 lap lead in heat 1 turning 45 to Luis's 41. Tony had 37 Glenn had 35 and Phil 32. I'm going to write about the race at the top because the race for 3rd on back, the positions stayed the same with just the gaps getting bigger. Nathan did another 45 in heat 2 but this time he only gained 1 lap over Luis. Luis and his cousin Tony have been missing for a few weeks so it was good to have them back. Perhaps a little rust was showing but Luis had now shaken it off. Nathan had turned identical fast laps of 3.617 in the first 2 heats and enjoyed a 5 lap lead over Luis. Heat 3 was a standoff so Nathan was still up 5. Heat 4 was the best of the race for Luis, a 48. Nathan was having his worst down on black lane and lost 7 laps to Luis. So now the plot thickens as Nathan is 2 laps behind. The next heat saw Nathan get those 2 laps back and so going into heat 6 they were tied. Nathan used his superior speed to take a one lap lead going into heat 7. Nathan was on white and Luis on black giving the advantage to Nathan and he used it. He had his best heat of the race turning 48 laps and doing a personal best time of 3.46. Luis didn't do too bad on black doing 44 laps but it left him 5 behind going into the last heat. The last heat and once again Nathan used his cars speed advantage to add 1 more lap to his victory margin. So the end looked like this: Nathan 362 Luis 356 Tony 315 Glenn 293 and Phil 266. Nathan had new personal bests for number of laps 362 and best time 3.461. Tony also upped his numbers as he turned 315 laps and a best time of 3.617. Congratulations to both these guys.                            


     Now for the A race. Unlike the B race there wasn't much action at the top. Jim’s car was hooked up and the only questions were wood he set a new lap record (no) or would he set a new fastest lap (tied). Tim dropped out after the third heat so that left Scott and Mel to provide the excitement. After 2 heats Jim was already up by 10 and as sometimes happens to Mel he got off to a bad start and was last a lap behind Scott. Heat 3 is when Mel got going. He turned 49 laps and moved into second place, 3 ahead of Scott. Heat 4 is when Jim driving on green tied the record for best lap at 3.343. Mel had a good heat moving to 6 laps ahead of Scott who did ok turning 45 on black. Heat 5 and Mel beat Scott by a few more giving Mel a 9 lap advantage. Heat 6 and Scott turned his best lap so far a 3.569 and took 3 laps back from Mel. Going into 7 Scott was 6 back and once again he did a 3.569. Unfortunately Mel was setting his own best lap of the race at 3.45 and they both ended up with 48 laps. Last heat and Scott is still 6 back but he had a really had a good red and managed to close the gap, but only by 2 laps. A good race by Jim and a great race by Scott who gave Mel all he could handle. The finish was Jim 394, Mel 370, Scott 366 and Tim 237. Scott had personal bests in total laps 366 and best lap 3.569. Even though Mel didn’t have a real good lap total he did tie his best lap at 3.452. One other thing to mention is Nathan owes a big "Thank You" to Jim's daughter Renee. The last time he race his car was a rider, hitting the wall a ton and breaking the axle in two. Even though the tire, gear, spacer, piece of axle was intact and we had seven people looking for it, nobody found it. It was a special tire that Nathan was very fond of. So Monday morning Jim asked his daughter to look for it and about 5 minutes later she was holding this ball of dust that seemed to have a gear protruding from it. The chassis was disassembled and straightened, a new axle fitted and the tire and gear installed and you can see the results. He was ballistic. Hope to see all these guys back next week and maybe we will get our cowboys back and our other Glenn.


Five B's and 4 A's this week as Craig was home nursing a health issue. Let's get to the B's. Nathan looked like he was going to start up where he left off last week. He led the 1st heat but gave up that lead to Bob after the 2nd. Glenn M. had a very uneventful run to 3rd place.  He was never in danger from behind but never had enough to challenge the 2 leaders. Glenn C. and Phil were having ther normal battlle a little farther back. Bob lead from heat 2 until heat 5 while Nathan went around the purple black corner. Phil and Glenn C. were having a good race for the 4th spot until the 6th heat when Glenn started to pull away. Back at the front Nathan really started to go when he reached yellow. He retook the lead after heat 5 and just pulled away from everyone turning his best lap of the race on red at 3.61. Bob lead heats 2 throug h 4 but couldn't hold of a flying Nathan. The finish was Nathan 348, Bob 333,Glenn M. 329, Glenn C. 269 and Phil 263.                                                                                                                                 Now for the race for our 4 A's. Jim decided to leave his record setting car from the week before in the drawer this week. Instead he chose to run his second best retro hawk car which handles very well and is waiting for a new hawk 7. Mel and Scott ran their hawk 7 cars and who knows what Tim was running but it was the fastest motor in the field. Jim had to question his choice when halfway through the 1st heat Scott just roared past putting Jim in last place. Tim took the early lead but was caught by Mel after heat 2. Mel and Tim duked it out at the top until Tim got to black for heat 6. Tim showed his dislike for black by dropping 7 laps to Mel. From heat 6 Mel just cruised to a well earned victory. Tim just fell backwards after heat 6 making it look like Jim might have a chance to overtake him for 2nd but he righted his ship in time. The finish looked like this: Mel 387, his best so far this year, Tim 376, Jim 370, Scott 360. See you all next week.                                                                                                                                   

This is the toothbrush 32 report for Friday night 2/15/2019

         Tonight was the night for speed. Almost everyone ran well tonight but some really excelled. We had 4 B's and 5 A's. The first heat of the B race showed that Mr. Cherep and his son were both going to run fast tonigh. Nathan had Jim install a new motor and overhaul his chassis to make him a little more competitive. Jim has been having great troubles with motors lately but this one was a winner. Nathan turned 44 laps in the first heat and put 4 laps between himself and Glenn M. who was in 2nd place. Only 1 lap further back was Glenn C. and then Phil had 34 which was on a quick pace for Phil. Nathan extended his lead in the 2nd heat by 5 more laps showing he was in control this night. Glen M. only increased his lead over Glenn C. by 1 lap. Is it really Nathan's night? You bet it is. He did 45 on purple expanding his lead to 12. Glenn M. was one of the few people who was not having a good night. He was having a tough time staying in front of Glenn C. After 4 heats Nathan was gone. Glenn M. was only 7 up on Glenn C. Phil although he was some distance back it was one of his better nights with 141. So for the rest of the race the gaps just got bigger. Nathan was as hooked up as we have ever seen him. Also the race was fairly free from crashes leading to some good totals. Nathan led them home with 359 laps, a new best for him. His previous best this year was 330 and he raised his best lap from 3.679 to 3.570. Glenn M. was 2nd with 325 and Glenn C. had a fine night upping his this years best from 292 to 314. He upped his best lap from 3.898 to 3.852. Phil missed his lap total by a few but did raise his best lap a hair from 4.226 to 4.225. Good race you guys.

       So, are the A's going to have a quick race? Let's see. Jim had a good first heat taking a 2 lap lead with a 50 over Craig with a 48. Scott and Mel were at 46 and Tim had a motor blow up and called it a night. Jim had a really quick best lap of 3.453 but Craig was just behind at 3.461. Yes, tonight was going to be a fast one. The 2nd heat was a draw between Craig and Jim at 50 with Mel picking up the pace with 49 and Scott had another 46. Jim dropped his fast lap to 3.41, and Craig couldn't quite match it with a 3.50. For once Jim didn't lose a bunch of laps to Craig running purple and black. He only lost 1. So he left black with a 1 lap lead and some easy sailing ahead except his brain locked up. Even though Jim set a new record for quick laps at 3.343, Craig turned 51 laps on blue and took a 2 lap lead. Mel had a fine 48 on black and didn't lose anything to Jim staying 5 behind. So it's Jim on orange against Craig on purple. Craig was fast turning a best lap of 3.453 but Jim once again went 3.343 pulling up to one lap back. Again Mel had 49 laps and Scott 46. Heat 6 and Craig had a fine 48 on black but he lost 3 laps as Jim was going to close out the race running in the 3.3's for the rest of the heats. Craig was trying hard running 51 laps in heat 7 & 8 but only gained one lap back. So as time ran out Jim was headed down the straight going for 400 laps but came up about 6 feet short with Craig right next to him a lap behind. Both Jim and Craig went farther than anyone had gone with these cars. It was quite a race setting new records for best lap and total laps. Craig set new marks for himself upping his lap total from 397 to 398 and his fastest lap from 3.460 to 3.406.  Mel had a really good run with 384 laps although it was a few short of his best. Scott upped his this years total laps from 349 to 361, a hefty jump. A few months ago Jim turned 390 laps and that seemed like a pretty lofty number that it would be hard to get close to again and now we are knocking on the door to 400. Amazing!

2/8/2019      ToothBrush Motor 1/32's                                                                                

It's Friday night and after last weeks vacation we have 10 racers tonight. We have 5A's  and 5B's. So B's are up. As sometimes happens our computer was doing it's own thing giving laps behind the leader instead of the total laps. After the first heat there was a tie for the lead between Bob and Glenn M. Following them a lap back was Nathan and then Glenn C. and Phil having their own battle. It became obvious early on that it was going to be 2 races. The first was between Glenn M., Bob and Nathan, trailing them would be Glenn C. and Phil. Second heat Glenn M. pulled out 2 laps over Bob and Nathan who were tied. Phil and Glenn C. were tied 13 laps back. Bob had a big 3rd heat taking the lead over Glenn M. with Nathan 4 laps off the lead. Phil had a bad red dropping 5 laps behind Glen C. Now we are at the half way point. Bob and Glenn M. are even with Nathan 10 laps back. Glenn C. has settled in to fourth, way behind Nathan and way ahead of Phil although Phil turned his best time of the year so far. 4.179. Starting the second half Bob and Glenn M. remained even. Nathan picked up a lap getting to 9 back. Heat 6, Glenn M. finally put 4 laps on Bob with Nathan losing a lap. Bob turned his best lap of 2019 so far with a 3.679 on black. On black!!! So now we have this one and one more. Glenn M. held steady at 4 laps ahead of Bob. So  we headed into the last heat with Glenn M. 4 up on Bob who was having one of his better runs since he joined us last year. Nathan was 12 back, out of contention for the lead but secure in getting the final podium spot. Glenn C. was 24 behind Nathan and 26 ahead Phil. So the finish was Glenn M. finishing on top with 332 laps. Just behind was Bob with 329 laps and then Nathan with 318. Glenn C. had 290 and Phil had 263, a tie for his best showing so far this year. So lets get the A's started. Heat one saw Craig and Jim get off to good starts with each getting 50 laps. The rest of  the field had a tough time however with Mel only getting 46 Scott 43 and Tim 40. Heat 2 and Jim pulled away from Craig by 3 laps. Mel and Scott had 45 and Tim 44. Our computer was back to printing the total laps after each heat like it is supposed to do. So Jim had 101, Craig 98, Mel 91, Scott 88 and Tim 84. After a tough week when every slot car Jim touched either broke or blew up, this car given to him by Tim Wilkens, that was sitting in pieces Friday afternoon was working pretty good. Jim's fun would not last long as he had a bad purple tangling with Scott a number of times. Craig was on red with nobody next to him so he drove well in closing up the gap and tying Jim with 148. Mel maintained his 3rd place with 140 but Tim over took Scott with 134 leaving Scott at the rear with 129. The 4th heat was when Jim gave the race to Craig by having a miserable black turning only 45 laps to Craig's 50 on green. Mel stayed ahead of a fast closing Tim and Scott faded even more than Jim. Starting the second half Craig had a nice 51 on blue pulling out to 7 over Jim. Mel was 20 back of Craig but only one in front of Tim. Craig turned a nice 50 on purple but lost 2 laps as Jim was enjoying his time on orange setting the record for laps in a heat at 52 and also the fastest lap time at 3.343. Tim opened the door for Mel to take 3rd but Mel didn't take advantage only gaining one lap. So starting heat 7 Craig had 5 on Jim. Mel had 2 on Tim. Heat 7 and Jim got back to 3 behind Craig and Tim finally got passed Mel by one. Jim couldn't make up any ground on Craig but Mel did get back on the same lap as Tim but couldn't catch him. So congrats to Craig who set a new record for laps in a race, 398. Jim was second with 394, Tim and Mel had 367 and Scott had 346. It was surprising how many times 3.460 came up as fast lap for someone in this race. In the first heat Jim on green and Craig on orange, in the third heat Craig on red, in the 4th heat Tim on blue, in the 5th heat Craig on blue, in the 6th heat Craig on purple, in the 7th heat Craig on black and in the last heat Jim on red and Tim on orange. See you next week.



                Friday night again, our 2nd under the new rule of you break 2 cars and you are out. We had 6 racers for the “B” race. Thought we were going to have more but after coming down to practice on Wednesday, the Chereps didn’t show. Mike jumped out to a quick lead of about 2 laps; then fell off, then came back to the lead again, then fell off. He made his final comeback of the first heat and won it by 3 laps, Glenn and Bob were tied at 41 laps with Ken 5 laps back of them and Tony a lap behind Ken. We welcomed Craig’s friend; Barney, a well-known racer from back in the day. He didn’t have a very good start to his 1/32nd career. He ridered his first car into pieces and then had a major crash with his 2nd and finished his race within 2 minutes of the start. He pulled out with a total of 14 laps, it was a first heat full of wrecks, a bad omen for the evening. Heat 2 saw only slight changes with Mike leading by 2 over Glenn who was 1 ahead of Bob. A good showing by Bob so far. Tony overtook Ken by 2 laps and Barney still had 14 laps. Heat 3 and Mike caught a rider and bent his primary car into a pretzel. Glenn took over the lead with 1 on Bob, 3 on Mike, 12 on Tony, 15 on Ken and somehow with a lap time of 489.9 seconds and sitting in a chair beyond the bank, Barney made a lap, go figure. This had turned into a good race between Glenn and Bob for the top spot and Tony and Ken for 3rd. After a few more crashes, Mike couldn’t keep his car on, so he called it a night. So halfway through Glenn had 165, Bob 163, Tony 147, and Ken 146. Heat 5 Glenn picked up another lap to go 3 ahead of Bob and Tony picked up 2 on Ken. Heat 6 and Glenn picked up another 2 to go ahead of Bob by 5. Ken had a tough time on black and fell 7 behind Tony. Heat 7 and Bob made a big comeback turning 45 on orange, now he is just one back of Glenn. So it was a race again with Glenn up 1 on Bob and Tony with 7 on Ken. Heat 8 and Glenn turned his fastest lap of the race on red but it wasn’t enough, Bob over took him for the win by a lap. Ken was happy to be on orange while Tony was having a tough time on black. Ken put 6 laps on Tony but he needed 7. Congrats to Bob on his first win. So it was Bob with 333, Glenn 332, Tony 293, Ken 292, Mike 133, and Barney 15.

                Now for the “A” main, Craig was back from his holiday trip so we had 6 in the “A” main. The first heat started and Scott’s drama started immediately. He was asking the car that set the lap record last week but it wasn’t working for him. So we changed cars and controller until he found something that he could make work, Craig started out strong turning 50 laps, 1 more than Tim, 2 more than Jim or Mel, and Luis and Scott were having their own race with 44 and 43 laps. Heat 2 and Craig still had 1 on Tim, 3 on Jim and 5 on Mel. Scott had a really bad red trying to figure out the car and fell eleven behind Luis. Heat 3 and Craig pulled out a lap on Tim. Jim started his move on Tim pulling even and they had 3 on Mel, Luis still led Scott by 11. Heat 4 Craig had another good heat with 50. Tim and Jim still tied with 6 on Mel, Scott got a lap back on Luis. Heat 5 and Craig had a great 51 again in the 6th, Jim pulled out 8 on Tim which was good as he was finishing on black and figured to lose a bunch to Tim in the last heat. Mel had a good heat getting to one behind Tim, Luis still 12 ahead of Scott. Heat 7 Craig continued to pull away. Jim dropped a few to Tim and Luis was still 12 up on Scott. Heat 8 and if Craig could have a good green he could break his record of 396 laps. Jim was going to have a hard time holding off Tim because his skills on black have taken a dump lately. Mel was going to be charging hard to catch Tim. So in the end, Craig did break the record for total laps pushing it up by 1 to 397. Jim barely held off Tim who had a great heat on orange but fell a half lap short. Mel couldn’t make any ground up and Luis finished 10 ahead of Scott so the final looked like this; Craig 397, Jim 384, Tim 383, Mel 377, Luis 359, and Scott 349.



                The first Friday of the new year and we had eleven racers. So we start with the “B” and this was a Glenn Mercer show. He was so far gone by the 3rd heat the other couldn’t even see his tail lights behind Glenn M. There was a pretty good race for 2nd between R.J, Tony, and Nathan. Behind those 4 Glenn Cherep and Phil were having their usual close race. R.J started out well grabbing 3 laps over Nathan and 4 over Tony. Phil and Glen C were tied heat 2 and Tony took over 3rd from Nathan. Phil pulled out a couple laps on Glenn C. Heat 3 saw no change in positions, just a widening of the gaps. Heat 4 saw Glenn C tighten the gap on Phil. He pulled up to just 1 lap back. At the halfway point the race looked like this; Glenn M 168, RJ 144, Tony 141, Nathan 136, Phil 132, and Glenn C 131. So the start of the 2nd half saw Tony make a big run into 2nd place as RJ was beginning to fade. Heat 6 and Nathan moved by RJ, Glenn C, closing on Phil. Heat 7 Tony having a great run maintained his 2nd place. Glenn C finally over took Phil for 5th, The last heat saw no changes so the final order was; Glenn M, Tony, Nathan, RJ, Glenn C, and Phil.

                Now for the “A”, after a few great runs in the “B”, Luis moved up to the “A”. In this race just like the first one, the leader just took off and never seen again. That leader was Jim but behind him there was a good battle for 2nd. After one Luis had a couple laps on Tim who had one on Mel and 2 on Scott. Heat 2 Mel closed up to a lap behind Luis and began to pull away from Scott. Tim had to drop out as he wasn’t feeling well. We hope he is alright. Heat 3 and Jim is out by 9 and tied the record for fastest lap that he held with Mel and Craig, Mel took second away from Luis meanwhile Scott was falling back. Heat 4 and Luis retook 2nd place and Jim tied the record again at 3.398. He was starting to wonder if there was something in the computer that wouldn’t let you go faster than a 3.398 so after 4 it looked like ; Jim 198, Luis 184, Mel 183, and Scott 173. Heat 5 Luis hung on to 2nd place 4 ahead of Mel. Heat 6 and Mel moved back around Luis by a lap. Jim lost his chance at having a really big lap total by having a terrible black. Heat 7 Mel pulled out 4 on Luis who was really having a great night. Heat 8 saw Jim turn another 3.398 in the first minute. With about 20 seconds to go we had a track call and there it was. A 3.352. There was a way to get 3.398. In the last 20 seconds he was able to take another thousandth off. Car was really working tonight. So the final was; Jim 393, Mel 371, Luis 364, Scott 337 and Tim 74. We’ll see you all next week.

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