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Amendments to Stock Rules


1. In addition to the Parma Death Star motor we will make legal the Proslot - PS-2002 motor.

 2. We will allow bracing of the Parma steel womp chassis in the following way: a peice of .062 piano wire can be soldered along the upright at each corner. This peice of piano wire can be no longer than 1 5/8".

 3. In addition to the Parma Womp cone shapped front wheels or the legend wide front wheels you my also use the BPR Womp Fronts for your front wheels.

 4. We will change the minmum cleareance at the back to chassis to .050 the former cleareance was .062. 

 5. We will allow the motor to be soldered to the motor bracket replacing stripped screws. Solder only to the chassis bracket. No soldering on the sides of the motor.



                Friday night again, our 2nd under the new rule of you break 2 cars and you are out. We had 6 racers for the “B” race. Thought we were going to have more but after coming down to practice on Wednesday, the Chereps didn’t show. Mike jumped out to a quick lead of about 2 laps; then fell off, then came back to the lead again, then fell off. He made his final comeback of the first heat and won it by 3 laps, Glenn and Bob were tied at 41 laps with Ken 5 laps back of them and Tony a lap behind Ken. We welcomed Craig’s friend; Barney, a well-known racer from back in the day. He didn’t have a very good start to his 1/32nd career. He ridered his first car into pieces and then had a major crash with his 2nd and finished his race within 2 minutes of the start. He pulled out with a total of 14 laps, it was a first heat full of wrecks, a bad omen for the evening. Heat 2 saw only slight changes with Mike leading by 2 over Glenn who was 1 ahead of Bob. A good showing by Bob so far. Tony overtook Ken by 2 laps and Barney still had 14 laps. Heat 3 and Mike caught a rider and bent his primary car into a pretzel. Glenn took over the lead with 1 on Bob, 3 on Mike, 12 on Tony, 15 on Ken and somehow with a lap time of 489.9 seconds and sitting in a chair beyond the bank, Barney made a lap, go figure. This had turned into a good race between Glenn and Bob for the top spot and Tony and Ken for 3rd. After a few more crashes, Mike couldn’t keep his car on, so he called it a night. So halfway through Glenn had 165, Bob 163, Tony 147, and Ken 146. Heat 5 Glenn picked up another lap to go 3 ahead of Bob and Tony picked up 2 on Ken. Heat 6 and Glenn picked up another 2 to go ahead of Bob by 5. Ken had a tough time on black and fell 7 behind Tony. Heat 7 and Bob made a big comeback turning 45 on orange, now he is just one back of Glenn. So it was a race again with Glenn up 1 on Bob and Tony with 7 on Ken. Heat 8 and Glenn turned his fastest lap of the race on red but it wasn’t enough, Bob over took him for the win by a lap. Ken was happy to be on orange while Tony was having a tough time on black. Ken put 6 laps on Tony but he needed 7. Congrats to Bob on his first win. So it was Bob with 333, Glenn 332, Tony 293, Ken 292, Mike 133, and Barney 15.

                Now for the “A” main, Craig was back from his holiday trip so we had 6 in the “A” main. The first heat started and Scott’s drama started immediately. He was asking the car that set the lap record last week but it wasn’t working for him. So we changed cars and controller until he found something that he could make work, Craig started out strong turning 50 laps, 1 more than Tim, 2 more than Jim or Mel, and Luis and Scott were having their own race with 44 and 43 laps. Heat 2 and Craig still had 1 on Tim, 3 on Jim and 5 on Mel. Scott had a really bad red trying to figure out the car and fell eleven behind Luis. Heat 3 and Craig pulled out a lap on Tim. Jim started his move on Tim pulling even and they had 3 on Mel, Luis still led Scott by 11. Heat 4 Craig had another good heat with 50. Tim and Jim still tied with 6 on Mel, Scott got a lap back on Luis. Heat 5 and Craig had a great 51 again in the 6th, Jim pulled out 8 on Tim which was good as he was finishing on black and figured to lose a bunch to Tim in the last heat. Mel had a good heat getting to one behind Tim, Luis still 12 ahead of Scott. Heat 7 Craig continued to pull away. Jim dropped a few to Tim and Luis was still 12 up on Scott. Heat 8 and if Craig could have a good green he could break his record of 396 laps. Jim was going to have a hard time holding off Tim because his skills on black have taken a dump lately. Mel was going to be charging hard to catch Tim. So in the end, Craig did break the record for total laps pushing it up by 1 to 397. Jim barely held off Tim who had a great heat on orange but fell a half lap short. Mel couldn’t make any ground up and Luis finished 10 ahead of Scott so the final looked like this; Craig 397, Jim 384, Tim 383, Mel 377, Luis 359, and Scott 349.



                The first Friday of the new year and we had eleven racers. So we start with the “B” and this was a Glenn Mercer show. He was so far gone by the 3rd heat the other couldn’t even see his tail lights behind Glenn M. There was a pretty good race for 2nd between R.J, Tony, and Nathan. Behind those 4 Glenn Cherep and Phil were having their usual close race. R.J started out well grabbing 3 laps over Nathan and 4 over Tony. Phil and Glen C were tied heat 2 and Tony took over 3rd from Nathan. Phil pulled out a couple laps on Glenn C. Heat 3 saw no change in positions, just a widening of the gaps. Heat 4 saw Glenn C tighten the gap on Phil. He pulled up to just 1 lap back. At the halfway point the race looked like this; Glenn M 168, RJ 144, Tony 141, Nathan 136, Phil 132, and Glenn C 131. So the start of the 2nd half saw Tony make a big run into 2nd place as RJ was beginning to fade. Heat 6 and Nathan moved by RJ, Glenn C, closing on Phil. Heat 7 Tony having a great run maintained his 2nd place. Glenn C finally over took Phil for 5th, The last heat saw no changes so the final order was; Glenn M, Tony, Nathan, RJ, Glenn C, and Phil.

                Now for the “A”, after a few great runs in the “B”, Luis moved up to the “A”. In this race just like the first one, the leader just took off and never seen again. That leader was Jim but behind him there was a good battle for 2nd. After one Luis had a couple laps on Tim who had one on Mel and 2 on Scott. Heat 2 Mel closed up to a lap behind Luis and began to pull away from Scott. Tim had to drop out as he wasn’t feeling well. We hope he is alright. Heat 3 and Jim is out by 9 and tied the record for fastest lap that he held with Mel and Craig, Mel took second away from Luis meanwhile Scott was falling back. Heat 4 and Luis retook 2nd place and Jim tied the record again at 3.398. He was starting to wonder if there was something in the computer that wouldn’t let you go faster than a 3.398 so after 4 it looked like ; Jim 198, Luis 184, Mel 183, and Scott 173. Heat 5 Luis hung on to 2nd place 4 ahead of Mel. Heat 6 and Mel moved back around Luis by a lap. Jim lost his chance at having a really big lap total by having a terrible black. Heat 7 Mel pulled out 4 on Luis who was really having a great night. Heat 8 saw Jim turn another 3.398 in the first minute. With about 20 seconds to go we had a track call and there it was. A 3.352. There was a way to get 3.398. In the last 20 seconds he was able to take another thousandth off. Car was really working tonight. So the final was; Jim 393, Mel 371, Luis 364, Scott 337 and Tim 74. We’ll see you all next week.

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