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Yes, you saw it correctly, ever since the "Worlds", wing cars have been here only a handful of times. This last Sunday we had 4 wing car guys in house and I jokingly said we should have a race. Well, the guys took it to heart and formed an agreement of rules and a time. So, December 7, 2014 we will start a "hawk retro" class race. All you wing car racers in 50 to 75 miles of our raceway dust all those boxstock chassis and put a "hawk retro" in them and come and race. We will be starting at approx. 4 PM on Sunday afternoon, we will be racing on the 1st Sunday of the month. The rules will be:

1. Boxstock chassis

2. Hawk Retro

3. Any gear ratio

4. 500 hub tire

5. Any body type

6. No driver required

7. No weight requirement



                We had a total of 10 racers for our first Hawk Wing race of the new year with just 2 Retro Hawk racers and the rest were running the FK motor. The first heat got underway and it was Eric who came away with the early lead as he had 56 laps on yellow. Eric would continue to build a lead on Mongo and the rest of the field and when the 3rd heat came to an end he was up to a 4 lap lead when it came his time to sit out. It seems that everyone was running well turning 50 or more laps in every heat. Mongo had a good run on orange in the 6th heat as he finished with 57 laps. Eric would go on to the have the fastest lap of the night with a 2.968 on blue as he finished with 59 laps. Eric would come away with the win as he set a new track record with a total of 452 laps so here’s our top 3 for the FK racers; Eric, Jason, and Bill Taylor. Then for our 2 Retro Hawk racers it was Sam Rackham who came away with 1st as he finished with 422 laps with JB in 2nd with 395 laps. 

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