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Yes, you saw it correctly, ever since the "Worlds", wing cars have been here only a handful of times. This last Sunday we had 4 wing car guys in house and I jokingly said we should have a race. Well, the guys took it to heart and formed an agreement of rules and a time. So, December 7, 2014 we will start a "hawk retro" class race. All you wing car racers in 50 to 75 miles of our raceway dust all those boxstock chassis and put a "hawk retro" in them and come and race. We will be starting at approx. 4 PM on Sunday afternoon, we will be racing on the 1st Sunday of the month. The rules will be:

1. Boxstock chassis

2. Hawk Retro

3. Any gear ratio

4. 500 hub tire

5. Any body type

6. No driver required

7. No weight requirement



We had 10 racers for the month of October for our monthly Hawk Wing race. We had 5 racers running the Retro Hawk and the other 5 were using the FK motor. The power came on and it was Roy who jumped out to an early lead as he had a solid 57 laps on blue giving him a 4 lap lead over Chuck. He would gain another lap in the 2nd and now was ahead by 5. Roy's worst heat of the night came in 3rd on the black lane as he finished with 52 laps. Chuck would sit out for 2 heats and made his return in the 5th and continued where he left off with a solid 53 laps on red. The 6th heat would come to an end and it was finally time for Roy to sit out and he was already up to 331 laps. Meanwhile Jason Holmes was making a last minute charge trying to catch our leader Roy. Jason would turn the most laps in the 8th as he had 55 laps on green. He followed it up with 56 laps on blue and was within 5 laps of Roy. Roy would finish the night on green and had another solid 56 laps which brought his total to 441 laps which secured him a 1st place finish. For the FK racers here's how the podium played out; Roy, Jason, and Chuck Vaughn. Then the top 3 finishers for the Retro Hawks were; Mike Lucas, Keith Walker, and JB. Thank you to everyone for the continuing support of Buena Park Raceway and we'll see you next month.    



                September is already here and with a new month comes our monthly Hawk Wing that takes place on the 1st Sunday of every month. This month we had a small group at the raceway when it came time to begin racing with just 7 guys. Out of the 7 racers we had 3 of them running the FK motor while the rest had the Retro Hawk. The power came on and the first heat was underway, we had 5 of the 7 racers finish with 50+ laps. Chuck Vaughn was able to come away with lead at the end of the first as he had 54 laps. He had a 1 lap lead over Jason going into the 2nd heat and He would remain 1 lap ahead til the end of the 4th, that’s when Chuck was able to gain another lap on Jason as he now had a 2 lap lead. Jim W was would remain close as he had control of 3rd place for most of the race. During the 7th heat Jim would be just 1 lap back of Jason in 2nd place; meanwhile Chuck was able to jump out to a 6 lap lead over 2nd place. Jason had to deal with the dreaded black lane for the final heat and finished with 49 laps which wouldn’t be enough to hold on to 2nd place as Jim finished with 52 laps putting him into 2nd place. Chuck Vaughn came away with the win as he finished with 426 laps which 10 laps ahead of 2nd place. So the podium for the 3 guys with the FK motor’s went like this; Chuck, Jason, and JB. Then the podium for the Retro Hawk guys went like this; Jim, Mike Low, and Mark. Thank you to everyone who came out and we hope to see you next month in October. 



                It is now August and with a new month comes our monthly Hawk Wing race, which takes place on the 1st Sunday of the month. We had a smaller turnout compared to last month as we just had 5 racers when it came time to start. We had 4 of the 5 racers using the original Retro Hawk, Chuck Vaughn on the other hand was using the FK motor. The power came on and we had 3 of the 5 racers finish with 52 laps in the 1st heat. The only racer with the FK motor Mr. Vaughn came away with the lead as he had 52.39 laps with Jim Watterson and his Retro Hawk just about a foot back.  In the following heat both Chuck and Jim would finish with 53 laps but Chuck would remain just inches ahead of Jim. Chuck was flying in the 3rd heat as he made his way to blue and had 54 laps and a fast lap of 3.129 which moved him up to a 2 lap lead. He would gain another lap in the 4th giving him a 3 lap lead at the halfway point. During the 5th however Jim was able to gain a lap back on Chuck as he had a solid 53 laps on yellow. Jim was able to follow that up with 54 laps on orange as he moved within lap of Chuck with just 2 heats to go. Chuck would make his way to orange for the 7th heat and had a solid 54 laps moving him back up to a 3 lap lead over Jim. In the end, Chuck would come away with the win as he was the only racer in the field with the FK motor and had a total of 424 laps. For the remaining 4 racers with the Retro motors, Jim Watterson finished in the top spot with a total of 420 laps with JB 7 laps back at 413 and Mike Low 13 laps back at 407 laps. Congrats to Chuck Vaughn and Mr. Watterson on their stellar racing and I hope we have a few more racers make it out next month for racing. 



                It is now July and with a new month comes our monthly Hawk Wing race and this month we had 9 racers make it out to BPR. Out of the 9 racers we had 6 of them running with the Retro Hawk motor while the other 3 had the FK motor so we will have 2 podiums today. The 1st heat got underway and it was a close one between Jim Watterson and Tim Wood as they both started off with 53 laps but Jim finished just slightly ahead. Jim was running the Retro motor while Tim had the FK. Jason Holmes; who was also running the FK motor, joined the mix in the 2nd heat and was trailing our leader; Tim Wood, by just 1 lap. Jason went on to have a solid run in the 3rd heat as he had 55 laps on blue and was able to advance passed Tim Wood by 3 laps and took over the top spot. Jason would get up to a 6 lap lead over Tim in the 4th heat but come the end of the 5th he would have a solid 12 laps lead. It seemed that Jason was just running away from the rest of the field and he was. For the Retro guys, it was Jim Watterson who had control of the top spot as he had a comfortable 7 lap lead over Bill Taylor at the end of the 7th heat. The final heat would come to an end and Bill Taylor was unable to catch Jim as he was ahead by laps. So in the end our top 3 Retro finishers were; Jim Watterson, Bill Taylor, and Sam Rackham. The other 3 FK racers finished like this; Jason Holmes, Tim Wood, and Roy Lievanos. Hope to see you all next month. 



                It is now June, which means it’s time for our monthly Hawk Wing race that takes place on the first Sunday of every month here at BPR. We had 10 racers when it came time to begin which is better than last month but we were still missing a few of the regulars. The first heat got underway and it was JB over on orange who finished ahead of the pack as he had 55 laps but he had Mr. Watterson close on his heals just 1 lap back. Jason would be DQ’d from the race early but the group was nice enough to allow him back on the track and finish racing. Jason went on to rebound in the 3rd and had a solid 56 laps. Mr. V-Teck had a solid afternoon of racing with the ProSlot FK motor as he had a fast lap of 3.143 on orange. The fastest lap of the day went to Mike Low who had a 3.078 down on blue early in the 2nd heat. At the end of the 7th heat we had 3 racers tied at 266 laps. Come the end of the 9th heat Chuck had a 1 lap lead over Roy but Chuck would have to contend with the purple lane for the final heat. Roy was lucky enough to finish on orange, which is an easier lane, and he was able to take advantage of that. He came away with 55 laps in the final heat beating out Chuck by 2 giving him a 1st place finish with 425 laps. So our top 3 ProSlot finishers were; Roy, Chuck, and Tim. JB was our 1st place finisher for the Retro Hawk group as he finished with 414 laps leaving our top 3 looking like this; JB, Bill Taylor, and Steve. Thank you to everyone who came out this month and we hope for another good turnout in July. 

May 7, 2017

The first Sunday of the month is here, I feel I have Wings. Apparently, many of our regulars did not feel that way.  We were short a couple of Tims and Sam decided to go home at the last minute, having problems with his ankle. Probably a couple of others I cannot think of. Although there are just a few of us, let us have some fun. We have six racers racing in two classes. The FX Motors and the Retro Hawks. Jason and Chuck had the TX Motors and J.B., Roy, Jim and Mike had Retro Hawks. Surprise, surprise Jim drove his slower Retro Hawk to the front of the pack in the first heat and then did it again in the second heat No one was more surprised than he was as the FX Motors is usually 3 tenths a lap faster. In addition, J.B., Mike and Roy all had their troubles and turned less than 50 laps leaving Jim with about a six lap lead in the Retro Hawk class. Heat 3 saw Chuck pass Jason and both of them charging past Jim while he was on a pretty slow white lane. J.B. and Roy did some catching up too! Heat 4 saw Jason go back by Chuck and J.B. and Roy did a little more catching up. Heat 5 Jason pulled out a little more on Chuck, J.B. was still three back of Jim and Roy got a little closer. Heat 6 saw Chuck come alive again and pass Jason again. J.B. mad up a lap on Jim and Roy made up a lap on J.B. Starting the last heat Chuck and Jason are on the same lap and Jim has two on J.B. who has just over two on Roy. For the finish, Jason comes up big, passes chuck and wins by almost one lap. In the Retro Hawk class Jim held off J.B. by a quarter of a lap for the win and Roy ran out of time coming up about 2 laps short of J.B. Mike came up about 25 laps short of a win.


                We had a smaller than usual turnout for the month of April with just 6 racers for Hawk Wing race. We had 3 racers running the FK motor and the other 3 had just the basic Retro Hawk motor. The 1st heat got underway and it was Eric who took the opening heat as he finished with 58 laps on blue with Jason just 3 laps back. Both Eric and Jason were running the FK motor along with Mr. Vaughn. As we got to the end of the 3rd heat all 3 of the Fk motor racers were in our top 3. As we reached the halfway point Eric was already up to a 7 lap lead over Jason. Chuck ran into some bad luck as his motor blew during the 5th which moved him down to 5th place. Roy took over 3rd place with his Retro Hawk but he trailing Eric in 1st place by 17 laps. Eric went on to have the fastest lap of the afternoon as he had a 2.991 on orange as his speed was no match ultimately giving him the 1st place finish as he finished with 450 laps. For the 3 FK motor racers it went; Eric, Jason, and Chuck. For the Retro Hawk it came down to this; Roy, Jim, and Larry. Hope to see more of you Hawk Wing racers next month.  

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