We had a great turnout Thursday night as we had a total of 21 guys when it came time to begin racing and this week were able to have an; A, B, and C main. We’ll start with the 6 man “C” main and as soon as the power came on everyone got off to good starts. The 1st heat came to an end and Steve L found himself in 1st place with 38 laps but had; Mark S, Alex D, and Sammy just 1 lap back tied for 2nd place. Sammy would turn the most laps in the 2nd as he had 41 laps which moved him up into 1st place as he went ahead of Steve by just 1 lap. Sammy would get up to a 3 lap lead at the halfway point over Steve. Alex D was having a great night as he had control of 3rd place for most of the race. In the end, Steve would not be able to catch our leader so Sammy came away with the win with 317 laps with Steve 5 laps back at 312. So the final for the “C” main played out like this; Sammy, Steve, Alex, Carlos, Mark, and Bubba.

                Moving on to the “B” main which consisted of the 6 racers. The power came on and everyone seemed to get off to great starts but it was Jim Watterson and Walt who came finished tied for the lead at 41 laps. During the 2nd heat Walt would gain control of the lead as he went ahead of Jim by 2 laps. Jim would remain in 2nd place during the 3rd heat but In the 4th he would move down to 4th place as Tom moved into 2nd with Mel Moon making his way up to 3rd. The 5th would come to an end and Mel and Tom moved into a tie for 2nd place at 200 and also Gary B and Tim B were tied for 3rd at 196 laps. Tom would regain control of 2nd place in the 6th over Mel but was still trailing our leader by 5 laps. Going into the final heat Tom had control of 2nd place with Mel back in 3rd place. The final heat was a circus and when time ran out we had 4 racers tied at 321 laps. Jim W, Tim B, Mel M, and Tom all had 321 laps in the end but here’s how the final played out; Walt, Mel, Tom, Jim, Tim, and Gary.

                Moving on to the 9 man “A” main the power came on and the race got underway and Vic took the 1st heat as he opened up with 46 laps on black. During the 2nd heat Duran made his way from a tie for 3rd up to 2nd place and was trailing Vic by just 2 laps. The 3rd heat Duran would follow it up with 47 laps on purple moving him ahead of Vic and into 1st place with a 1 lap lead. Duran would continue flying in the 4th as he had 48 laps on black and now had a 7 lap lead over Vic. The 5th heat is when Vic would sit out so Mike A would take over 2nd place. The 7th heat we had Mike A sit out and wouldn’t return til the following heat. Duran would sit out and return for the final heat and he would finish his night on red finishing with 44 laps bringing his total to 362 laps. Our 2nd place finisher for the “A” main was Tom S and he was 10 laps back of Duran so the final came out like this; Duran, Tom S, Mike K, Vic, Mike A, Jim L, Russ, Tim H, and Mike R. Thank you for everyone who came out and we hope everyone had a fun time. 



                We had a small turnout this week for our Thursday night LMP group. Up first in the 5 man “B” main we had Steve take the 1st heat as he opened up with 41 laps with Tim B just 1 lap back in 2nd place. It was during the 2nd that Tim B took control of the lead over Steve. Tim would remain in the lead til the end of the 6th heat, it was during the 7th that Tom De Avila took control of the lead with just 1 heat to go. He had a 3 lap lead going into the final heat and Tim B was unable to make any gain on him so Tom came away with the win with 327 laps to 324. The final for the “B” main ended and it played out like this; Tom, Tim, Steve, Walt, and Alex.

                The 4 man “A” main got underway and Vic took the 1st heat as he opened up with 44 laps with Jim Lane just 1 lap back in 2nd place. During the 2nd heat Jim would catch Vic and they were tied at 86 laps at the end of the 2nd. Jim would move into 1st place as Vic moved down to a tie for 2nd with Tom S just 1 lap back of Jim. Tom would have a solid 4th heat as he had 46 laps on purple moving into a tie for 1st with Jim at 174 laps. At the end of the 5th Jim would move down to a tie for 2nd place with Vic as Tom jumped to 1st place with 2 lap lead. It was during the 6th heat that Vic would take over 2nd place and was trailing Tom by 3 laps with just 2 heats to go. Vic would have his best heat of the night with 47 laps on black and a fast lap of a 3.734 but he was still trailing Tom by 2 laps. Coming down to the final heat, Vic would finish with 45 laps on yellow while Tom had 42 laps on white which wasn’t enough to hold on to 1st place as Vic finished just 1 lap ahead 355 to 354. So the final for the “A” main came down to this; Vic, Tom, Jim, and Mel. 



                I swear 2017 is just flying by as we are already in August. Last night we had our first Thursday night LMP here at BPR and even with the heat we had an okay turnout with 14 racers. For the “B” main we had Jay Henry trying his luck with the LMP guy’s and he didn’t do too bad for himself. The first heat got underway and it was Tom De Avila and Jay who came out leading the pack but it was Tom who came away with control of first place with 42 laps leaving Jay just 1 lap back. It was during the 2nd heat that Tom began to pull away as he jumped to a 6 lap lead when the 2nd heat came to an end. Jay was able to remain in 2nd place til the 4th heat, that’s when he was bumped down to 4th as Gary Baker moved into 2nd and Tim Balmer took control of 3rd. Heats 5 and 6 we saw no change in the top 3 as Jay was trailing Tim by just 1 lap, it wasn’t til the 7th heat that Jay made his way to purple and finished with a solid 42 laps bumping him up to 3rd place going into the final heat. In the end, Tim was unable to rebound and catch Jay in 3rd place so the final for the “B” main played out like this; Tom, Gary, Jay, Tim, Steve, Sammy, and Alex.

                Moving on to the 7 man “A” main we had Vic come out on top at the end of the 1st heat as he finished with 45 laps leaving both Mike Stuart and Mike Kravitz tied for 2nd at 44 laps. At the end of the 2nd heat Mike K jumped up to a tie for 1st with Vic at 89 laps. It was during the 3rd heat that Mike would take control of the top spot over as he jumped up to a 3 lap lead. Vic made his way to the red lane in the 4th heat and had just 40 laps which moved him down to a tie for 3rd place with Jim Lane at 171 laps. During the 5th Vic would regain control of 3rd place but he was still had a lot of work to do if he wanted 1st place. The 6th heat we had Bill V make a jump from 5th place all the way up to 2nd as he had 46 laps on black. He would follow it up with another 46 laps on yellow for the 7th heat and was trailing our leader; Mike K, by 8 laps. With that being said, Mike K would come away with the win as he finished with a 5 lap leaving his total laps at 354. Here’s how the final played out for the “A” main; Mike K, Bill, Vic, Mike S, Mike R, Tim H, and Jim Lane. 

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